Duck Family Reunions: Past & Present
Duck Family Reunion at Vermillion, Illinois
  • George M. Duck (left) and John James Duck (right); photo taken at the Duck Reunion in Vermillion, Illinois (date unknown).

  • 1927 — Seventh Annual Duck Family Reunion:
    The Duck reunion was held at Collette Park Aug. 28. 1927. The large family was called together by the reading of the 23rd Psalms, by Uncle Teb Duck, the oldest member of the family present, & a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving was offered by Aunt Lina Harkness, after which all Ducks gathered around the bountifully spread table, and fully lived up to the family tradition of the Ducks large appetite — after a talk by our president Bert Duck, and the reading of the family history prepared by Mattie Leedom, several were called on for speeches. Albert & Fred Pearson contributed recitations, which were very entertaining, Aunt Lina Harkness recited a poem which she had committed to memory as a child. The old family Bible was a source of much pleasure, especially to the old ones; several relatives from a distance were present, the afternoon was spent in recalling pleasant memories. By a unanimous decision the presiding officers were re-instated for another year.

    Bert Duck — Pres.
    Bessie Duck — secy.

    [Written by unknown family member. If someone can help identify this, please us know.]

    1927 Duck Family Reunion Photograph: Please help us identify more family members in the photograph. We can supply a much higher resolution photo if needed.

    A Short History of the Duck Family by Mattie Duck Leedom, written in 1927 for the Seventh Annual Reunion of the Duck Family.

    The Ducks, a poem by A.A. Pearson.

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