Josiah Duck Family
Lester G. Duck (1940)Josiah Ray DuckMy grandfather, Lester G. Duck, began researching his family history in the 1960's with the intention of publishing the Josiah Duck Family History for our branch of the family. While researching family roots in Kentucky and Illinois, he met Josiah Ray Duck, from Paris, IL, who also had a keen interest in the family history. Together, they compiled numerous family charts, photographs, personal histories and documents for their book but sadly neither lived to see their work published. A few years ago I decided to continue their research and in the process discovered other family members who were also researching this branch of the Duck Family. My cousin, John J. Duck, became interested in the Duck family history in the 1960's when he read the letters that Lester sent to his father, Glenn, which were then passed on to John's father, Vernon E. Duck. Last year, John and I decided to join resources to collaborate on the project and we plan to publish the full Josiah Duck Family history in the near future. Another cousin from our Perlonzo C. Duck line, Ray L. Duck has also been researching the Josiah Duck family and when time permits, he will join us in our endeavor.

Our sincere thanks to every member of the family who has assisted with this project over the years by sharing family histories, photographs and documents. Without you, it would be impossible to document our family traditions and histories. If you have Duck family documents, photographs and histories you wish to share, please contact us.

Photo upper left: Lester G. Duck (1940); right: Josiah Ray Duck.

— P.A.Teter
Josiah Duck Family Tree

The Josiah Duck Family of Isle of Wight County, Virginia and Pulaski Co., Kentucky, compiled by John J. Duck. A very brief introduction to our branch of the Duck Family.

Photographs of the Josiah Duck Family

Photographs and illustrations from the Josiah Duck Family. More photographs will be added as we expand the website. If you have photographs from this branch of the family you would like to share, please let us know.

Surnames in the Josiah Duck Family

A list of associated family surnames found the the Josiah Duck Family.

Josiah Duck Family Genealogical Websites
  • The Smith-Goodin Family History Website: Our related Smith-Goodin family website.
  • Heathcock & Hadley Families: website created by Clayton Heathcock. Mr. Heathcock is descended from Josiah W. Duck, Jr.
  • The Duck Hunter: website created by Ron and Ray Duck. They are descended from Perlonzo Duck, son of James Duck.
  • The Rainwater Collection of Genealogical Resources: the Rainwater family database contains some of the Josiah W. Duck, Jr. branch.

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