This website is devoted to the Duck Family in America and above all, to our own Josiah Duck Family history. In the process of researching our branch of the Duck Family, we have discovered numerous other branches and documents pertaining to non-related Duck families. In an effort to assist serious Duck Family researchers, we decided to make some of our transcriptions available here.

While we do not intend to list full family trees of the Duck Family, we will include information on various branches we have encountered, along with as much documentation as we have discovered thus far. If you are a member of a particular branch and have more information, corrections and/or additions, we would love to hear from you. If you are a member of a Duck Family not represented here, let us know and we will add your information.

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Josiah Duck Family:

Our branch of the Duck Family can be traced back to Josiah Duck who was born about 1755, most likely in Isle of Wight, Co., Virginia and died bef. 1840, in Pulaski Co., Kentucky.

Duck Branches:

The Duck Branches page focuses on all Duck family lines, including those lines not related (as yet) to our Josiah Duck family. If you do not see your branch represented, please let us know, and we will include it.

Duck Family Documents:

Most of the documents on this site will relate to our Josiah Duck branch, however, there are a number of wills, deeds and other documents we have collected that relate to other branches. If you wish to contribute material for the site, please contact us.

Duck Family Researchers:

If you are a serious Duck Family researcher, please contact us if you wish to be included in our list of contacts.

Duck Family Recipes:

Take a look at our new Family Recipes page.

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