Duck Family Photographs & Illustrations

If you have photographs of other children in the Josiah Duck and related families, please let us know. We would be happy to share and exchange photos.

Josiah Duck Family: Children of Josiah Duck —
  • James Duck (1796-1886) — Son of Josiah and Sarah (House) Duck
  • James Duck
  • James Duck and his 2nd wife Susannah Barrow (1806-1885)
  • James & Susannah Duck
    Children of James Duck —
  • Lovica Duck (1814-1878) and her husband Thomas Van Houten (daughter of James and Elizabeth (Cook) Duck)
  • Lovica Duck & Thomas Van Houten
  • Josiah Duck (1817-1895) (Son of James and Elizabeth (Cook) Duck) married Louretta Hill (1821-1901)
    [Correction: this photo is not Josiah W. Duck, Jr.]
  • Josiah Duck's Family Photos
  • Josiah Duck (1817-1895)
  • William Duck (1818-1891) and 2nd wife Mary Ward
    (Son of James and Elizabeth (Cook) Duck)
  • William & Mary Duck
  • Jonathan M. Duck (1825-1912)
    (Son of James and Elizabeth (Cook) Duck)
  • Jonathan Duck
  • Perlonzo C. Duck (1838-1892)
    (son of James and Susannah (Barrow) Duck) married Harriet F. Bozarth (1843-1897)
  • Perlonzo Duck's Family Photos
  • Perlonzo C. Duck
  • Susan Charity Duck Price (1851-1916)
    (daughter of James and Susannah (Barrow) Duck); married 1) Hiram Tweedy 2)William Henry Price
  • Susan Charity Duck

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