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  • Pulaski Co. Deed from Josiah Duck to Josiah W. Duck dated 6 August 1832
  • North Carolina Deeds & Land Records
  • Duck, Jacob
    Mentioned in: (North Carolina Archives)
    Nash Co. 1. File no. 299, 1784
    Nash Co. 2. File no. 329, 1784
    Nash Co. 3. File no. 365, 1781, 1784

  • Duck, Jacob
    Mentioned in Edgecombe Co. Deed:
    From Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deeds, Vol. 2: 1768-1778, by Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
    Deed Book 3:
    979-(222) William Gulley & his wife Thaney [Bethane] (x) of Edgcomb Co to Jacob Duck of same. 1 Nov 1775. 60 proclamation. 125 acres (100 acres of which had been a patent to Francis Roundtree, joining Contentee at the mouth of Mill Creek, & 25 acres of which was part of a grant to Thomas Maples, joining the bend of Contenteney Creek). Wit: Jos Williamson, Jeremiah Nichols, Benj Cobb. Oct Ct 1777. Edward Hall CC.

  • Duck, James
    Mentioned in: (North Carolina Archives)
    Johnston Co. 1. File no. 3663, 1813-1815

  • Duck, John
    Mentioned in: (North Carolina Archives)
    Anson Co. 1. File no. 6391, 1818-1819
    Anson Co. 2. File no. 6481, 1818-1820
    Johnston Co. 1. File no. 2771, 1794
    Lincoln Co. 1. File no. 2559, 1806-1807
    Mecklenburg Co. 1. File no. 4253, 1796

  • Duck, Jonathan
    Mentioned in Anson Co. (North Carolina Archives)
    1. File no. 6007 Wright Oneals deed, 1810-1812
    2. File no. 6386 Jonathan Duck deed, 1813-1819
    3. File no. 6509 Jonathan Duck deed, 1822, 1823

  • Duck, Priscilla [Wife of John Duck from Isle of Wight Co., VA]
    Mentioned in Halifax Co., John Bradford's deed in Halifax Co., 1763 (North Carolina Archives)

    From The Deeds of Halifax, county, North Carolina, 1771-1786 by Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
    Deed book 13:
    386 (287) Wm. Jackson and Mary his wife of Edgecombe Co. to Cornelius Carter of Halifax Co. 21 Feb 1775. 55 pounds of Virginia. 131 acres (ellipses occur) which had been a Granville Grant to Bryant O'Quin 28 Oct 1754, on north side of Fishing Creek, joining Martain Middleton, Priscila Duck, James Jones, Richard Whitaker. Wm. Jackson (x), Mary Jackson (x). Wit: Fedrick Jones, Grisbane Coffield, Wm. Hamilton (x). Feb Ct 1775. CC: Jos Montfort

    From The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina 1802-1807 by Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
    Deed Book 19:
    440 - (357) Stephen W. Carney & his wife Priscilla of Halifax Co. to James Judge of same. 24 Apr 1804. 200 pounds VA. 400 acres which was willed to sd Priscilla by her former husband Israel West & which had been part of a 300 acre patent to William Walker 21 May 1742, & also part of 380 acres Edward Daniel conveyed to Israel West 9 Apr 1783, on north side of Rocky Swamp; also 30 acres Matthew Raberne conveyed to Israel West 20 Nov 1084 [sic] Wit: Frances Tate, Isles Cooper. May Ct 1804. Femme consented. CC: L. Long.

  • Duck, Robert:
    From Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deeds, Vol. 1: 1759-1768, by Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
    Deed Book 1:
    527-(600) Thos (x) Maples planter of Johnston Co to John Fulk Jr. 16 Jul 1762. 75 VA. 300 Acres which was part of a deed to Thomas Maples 25 Mar 1752, part in Johnson & part in Edgecombe Co, on each side of Contentnea Creek, joining Wm Maple. Wit: James Price, Jeremiah Nichols, Robert Duck. Jan Ct 1763. Jas Hall CC.

  • Duck, West: [daughter of Priscilla and John Duck]
    From Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deeds, Vol. 1: 1759-1768, by Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
    Deed Book 00:
    193 - (326) James Moir, Elisha Battle, Benjn Hart, Alexander McCulloch & Blake Baker, as trustees & Commissioners of Tarborough, to West Duck of Halifax Co. 27 Mar 1761. 40s proclamation. Lots 81 & 88 on St George's & St David's streets. Also signed by Aquila Sugg. Sit: Jos Moore, Joseph Howell. Sep Ct 1761. James Hall DCC.

    From Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deeds, Vol. 2: 1768-1778, by Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
    Deed Book D:
    530-(526) "[torn] to the Proprietors Named the Town of Tarborough taken from the Commsr Book, in the possession of Elisha Battle Esq one of the Comsr for the sd Town." [long list of purchasers of town lots]
    Name        Lot(s)
    West Duck       81, 88

    From Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deeds, Vol. 3: 1778-1786, by Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
    Deed Book E:
    284-(68) Camil (x) McDaniel of Edgcomb Co to Spender Raefiald of same. 9 Jun 1780. 100 acres which is part of where I now live, joining the creek bank, West [Duck] Coffield. Wit: Jno Goodman, Stourton Edwards, Danl McDaniel. Nov Ct 1780. Edward Hall CC

  • Virginia Deeds & Land Records

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