1927 Duck Family Reunion, Edgar Co., Illinois
Partial list of Ducks in photograph:
  • 1927 Duck Family Reunion Photograph
    Notes by Lester G. Duck from visit with Louie Duck Bozarth, August 1966

    If you can identify more members of the family in the photograph, please let us know! Thanks to those who have already assisted in identifying some of their family members.
    Starting at Back Row: Left to Right

    1. Cora (Shade-Martin) Chapman (1865-1956; wife of Thomas H. Chapman, Jr.)
    2. Jesse Ward (Charlie Duck's dau. by 1st wife; husband is Bert Ward)
    3. Glenna (Ward) Watson, dau. of Sara Duck Ward
    4. Bessie (Duck) Judy (husband is Douglas Judy)
    5. Lena Chapman (Cora (Shade-Martin) Chapman's daughter)
    6. Helen Chapman (Cora (Shade-Martin) Chapman's daughter)
    7. Florence Myers, dau. in law of Lide Duck Myers
    8. Aunt Lide Duck Myers
    9 & 10. Louie M. (Duck) & husband Loran Bozarth
    11 & 12. Bonnie Groves & Bertha Pinson = daughters of Uncle Willie Duck
    13. Olie = Bert Duck's wife (Delbert "Bert" Duck's wife Viola (Funkhauser) Duck)
    14. Mayme Chapman, daughter of Cora Chapman
    15 & 16. Ruth & Willie Bozarth = brother of Loran Bozarth
    17. Aunt Lina (Salina Duck) Harkness
    18. Frank Duck, brother of Lina Duck Harkness
    19. Aunt Lou Duck Jared = twin of Aunt Lida Duck Myers
    20. Nora Price = dau. in law of Charity Duck Price & wife of Charles E. Price
    22. Clayton Groves husband of Bonnie Duck
    23 "Jim" James M. Duck = brother to Frank & Lina (Salina) Duck
    24. Minnie Belle (Duck) Ford, daughter of "John" Jonathan Duck
    25. Clara, wife of Sylvester "Teb"
    26. Albert Pearson's wife, Matilda (Chapman) Pearson
    27. Albert Pearson
    28. Sister of Ransom Duck, Laura Ladora (Duck) Smith
    29. [section missing]
    30. "
    31. "
    32. "
    33. "
    34. "
    35. "
    36. "
    37. Bruce Ward = husband of Sara Duck Ward
    38. "Bert" Delbert Duck = son of "Charlie" Charles Pearson Duck by 1st wife, Anna Ryce
    39. Uncle Willie Duck, brother of Mattie (Duck) Leedom, son of William and Mary (Ward) Duck
    [40. PT note: This looks very much like William W. Duck, son of Josiah & Louretta Duck, however according to Louie Bozarth it is the following:]
    40. "Lafe" Lafayette Myers, husband of "Lide" Eliza Alicia (Duck) Myers
    41. Sylvester "Teb" Duck
    42. George Duck and wife Esther
    43. Floyd Jared, son of Aunt Lou (Duck) and George Jared
    44. "Orrie" Orrel Myers, son of Aunt "Lide" (Duck) Myers

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