The Ducks
by Albert. A. Pearson
(1927 Duck Reunion)

We have a various lot of ducks,
As the pekin, and Indian runner,
We also have the wild, Gray duck,
That so delights, the gunner,

But from those ducks, I'll pass along,
And give no farther heed,
For the Ducks I wish to speak, about,
I'll call the James Duck breed.

Those ducks, are semiwater fowls,
Can live on land, and sea,
And some of them, in days long gone,
Would take a little "tea."

Now those Ducks, are not so good, I think,
But that they might be, better,
But in the main, they try to live,
The Law, up to the letter.

And yet those Ducks are not so bad,
For they have escaped the pen,
Where some from other families,
Are going, now, and then.

As yet, none of those Ducks, have gone,
To the Presidential Chair,
But when it comes to patriotism,
You'll find, that they're right there.

For, when ever Uncle Sam, wants help,
To fight his battels, through,
We'll find that they are in the lines,
With sword and musket true.

And, as for good old neighbors, too,
They're "Jonnie on the spot,"
For if you chance to be in need,
By them, you're not forgot.

And really, I do believe,
If you'll hunt the wide world over,
Where ever you will find those Ducks,
You'll find them in "high clover."

So, if you have this breed of Ducks,
A running thro your blood,
You're just about as lucky,
As with Noah, in the flood.

So, let us emulate their good,
And feel toward God, a debtor,
Then will our lives forever grow,
Only happier, and better.

Aug. 28, 1927
By A.A. Pearson [Albert Pearson, son of Eliza Duck Pearson]

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