Perlonzo C. Duck Family Bible
[The Perlonzo C. Duck family bible was given to Lester G. Duck by Louie Duck Bozarth in August 1966. Louie M. Duck Bozarth (born 7 Sept. 1893) was the daughter of George M. Duck, a son of Perlonzo C. Duck; she married Loran Bozarth and lived in Libertyville, Indiana. The bible is now in the possession of a descendent of Lester G. Duck.
Transcribed by P.A. Teter, February, 2004.

Dated 1854.
[Page 1.] Births:

James Duck was born March the 5th AD. 1796.
Elizabeth Duck was born May the 30th AD. 1791.
Susanah Duck was born March the 11th AD. 1806.
Lovisa Duck was born July the 25th AD. 1814.
Bluford Duck was born October the 24th AD. 1815.
Josiah Duck was born April the 12th AD. 1817.
William Duck was born July the 24th AD. 1818.
Jane Duck was born December the 8th AD. 1817 [corrected to 1819].
Jesse Duck was born April the 11th AD. 1821.
Sally Duck was born February the 8th AD. 1823.
John & Samuel Duck was born October the 13th AD. 1825.
James B. Duck was born March the 1st AD. 1831.
Eliza E. Duck was born May the 13th AD. 1833.
Perlonzo. C. Duck was born May the 1st AD. 1838.
Louisa Duck was Born May the 22 AD. 1846.
Susan C. Duck was Born Febuary [sic] 26th AD. 1851.
George W. Duck was Born October 26th. AD. 1848.

[Page 2.] Marriages [back of page 1]:

James Duck & Susannah Borrow was Married November the 13th 1829 by the Rev. James Cooper in the County of Pulaski and State of Kentucky.

J. Logan Zerbe and Rosa S. Duck was married Dec 15 1895 in Sterling Kans. Eld Hamner officiating.

Arther [sic] Clement & Bessie L. Duck was married Oct 16 - [18]97 St.Louis Mo - I am the only daughter of Arthur P. and Bessie Clement, born July 7th 1899, in St. Louis, Mo. Melville B. Clement Recorded July 5, 1921, San Diego, Cali.

David M. Shoptaugh and Louvisa Duck was Married February the 18th 1864 by the Rev. J. Nye in the County of Edgar and State of Illinois.written by Louie Shoptaugh. [signed]

Andrew Jackson and Emily C. Duck was married January the 5th 1887 [or 1877, corrected with 8 or 7]in the County of Cowley and State of Kansas. Eld. J.D. Moffit officiating-

George M. Duck and Esther Hopkins was married May the 26th 1888 in county of Cowley and State of Kansas-

John J. Duck and Belle Ray was married Nov 28th 1889 boath [sic] of Sterling, Rice Co., Kans -

Edgar W. Duck and Delia Reed was married May 1893 in Rice County Kansas. Rev. Ira Bundy officiating.L.A. Duck and Alice Cavanaugh married Dec. ___ St. Louis Mo.

Perlonzo C. Duck and Harriet F. Bozarth was Married June the 2d 1859 by the Rev. A. Ward in the County of Edgar and State of Illinois...P.C. Duck [signed]

[Page 3.] Births:

Perley Bruce, Son of P.C and F.H. Duck was Born November the 14th AD. 1860
John J. Duck was Bornd [sic] September 8th 1862.
Emily C. Duck was Born November 18th 1864.
George M. Duck was Born February 14th 1867.
Edgar W. Duck was Born October 6th 1869.
Rosa S. Duck was Born March 12th 1873.
Perlonzo A. Duck was Born July 21, 1875.
Louie E. Duck was Born September 12 1878.
Bessie Pearl Zerbe Born Nov 2 - 1896, Sterling Kans.
Logan Earl Zerbe Born June 6 - 1898 Alva, Okla.
Hubert Clyde Zerbe, Born Oct 12 - 1900. Okla.
Vera Myrtle Zerbe Born June 18 1903. Okla.
Olive Berniece Zerbe was born Nove 19 1912 Sterling Kansas
John D. Bozarth born May the 8th 1804
Margaret Bozarth born April 14th 1806this 15th day of January 1880
Harriet F. Duck born January 24 1843
Harriet F. Duck, died Jan 23 1897
Dorotha Lois Zerbe was Born March 2 1914 at Puyallup, Wash.

[Page 4:] Deaths [back of page 3]:

James Duck was born March the 5th 1796. [strikethrough]
Perley Bruce Duck Died January 14th 1872
Anna J. Duck Born December 8th 1871. Died December 23rd 1871. aged 15 Days.
Susannah Duck Died July 24th 1885 aged 79 years, 4 months and 13 days.
James Duck departed this life May 29th 1886 aged 90 years, 2 months and 24 days.
Emma [Duck] Jackson Died June 19th 1889. aged 24 years and 7 months.
Margaret Bozarth, Died July 23rd 1857 age 51 years, 2 M. and 19 Days.
Rose Duck Zerbe died July 12, 1929. Age 56 years 4 months.
James B. Son of James, & Susannah Duck Died January the 16th AD 1836.
Perlonzo C. Duck Died May 10 1892 Aged 54 years and 10 days
Harriet F. Duck, died Jan 23 1897 age 53 yr 11 mo. 30 da.
Logan Earl Zerbe died Oct 22 - 1898 - age 1 4 months 16 days
Vera Myrtle Zerbe died Jan. 21 - 1904. age 7 months, 3 days
Olive Berniece Zerbe died Jan 27, 1913.
J.D. Bozarth Died February 25th 1884. age 79, 10 m and 17 Days.

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