Obituary for Emily "Emma" C. Duck Jackson (1864-1889)
Unknown Source, Kansas, 1889.

Obituary in identified newspaper (Winfield, Kansas?):


At the residence of Thos. Jackson, two miles east and one mile north of Oxford, June 19th at 5 o,clock P.M. Emma, wife of Andrew Jackson. Mrs. Jackson was about 22 years of age. About one year ago a tumor was noticed and has continued to grow with alarming rapidity. The Doctors of Oxford and Winfield were consulte4d and advised consultation with physicians of noted repuation. A journey was made to Kansas City and the conclusion was reached that death was certain in a short time without an operation, and that there was a very small chance that an operation would terminate successfully. It was decided however, that one was to be made and Drs. S.S. Todd and T.J. Beattie of Kansas City met by appointment Drs. Edward Smith, I.J. Maggard and Melvin Collins of Oxford, Dr. Werden of Vernon, Drs. Emerson, Pickens and Guy of Winfield and Dr. Justice of Belle Plaine. Drs. Todd and Beaty made the operation assisted by Dr. Pickens who gave ether. There was no consultation held the operation having been previously agreed upon by the family and Dr. Todd. Mrs. J. was placed under the influence of ether. Upon an incision being made it was found to be impossible to remove the tumor without causing instant death. The incision was sewed up and she partially recovered from the influence of eather. Some of the doctors went away. In a short time she began to sink and died.

This is a very sad case and the friends have th esympathies of all. The remains were laid to rest in the Vernon cemetery, five miles east of Oxford, at four o,clock Thursday afternoon. The funeral sermon will be preached by Elder I.D. Moffitt of Milan at three o'clock Sunday afternoon at the Kellogg church.

[Daughter of Perlonzo and Harriet Duck]

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