Surry County Wills and Administrations
Deeds, Wills, Etc., Vol. 6, 1709-1715

Melchizidick Duche
Account, 20 October 1714, p. 217-218
[p. 217]
An Account Currant of the Estate of Melchezidick Duche Deced: The Estate is Dr ~
By Tob: paid to Mr Richard Bland for rent 500
By Tobacco paid Majr Allen 900
By Tob: paid Mr Taylor for Capn Clements 19
By Do To Mr Taylor 250
By Tob: paid Mr William Thomas 200
By Tob: paid Mr Secretary Jenings 40
Do in Cash ~ 88
By Cash paid to Samuell Cornwell 1.1.3
P Contr cs Dr ~
By the Appraisemt p Inventory 7720
By Tobo of Mr Jackman 400
By Tobo of Mr Chapman 400
Cr Cash ~ 88
By Cash p Inventory 2.10.0
By Cash recd Mr Jackman 1.4.0
Errors Excepted p me Robert Snyses[?] [p. 218] We the Subscribers being appointed by this Court to auditt the above Account and Accordingly wee find it true as it is Stated -
Nicholas Maggett Thomas Ridley
At a Court held at Southwark for the County of Surry October the 20th 1714. The within Account Current of the Estate of Melchezidick Duche Deced: thus presented by Robert Snyses was ordered to be Recorded and is Recorded by Jno [....] C Cura

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