John James Duck (1862-1934) Family Bible
[Much of the information on the bible pages transcribed below was written by Rosa Belle Duck and it is assumed that the bible belonged to John James Duck and his wife Rosa Belle Duck. The bible later belonged to their son, Roy C. Duck, who was born 18 June 1890 in Sterling, Kansas and died 10 February 1976 in Alva, Oklahoma. Currently the bible is in the possession of a Duck Family member who transcribed the information.]

Pictorial Family Bible
Self-Pronouncing Edition
Combination Holy Bible
Old & New Testaments

Translated out of the original Tongues

The Southwestern Company
Pub. & Booksellers
Nashville, Tenn.

Conformable to the edition of 1611. Commonly known as the authorized or King James Version Entered According to Act of Congress in the year 1895 by J.F. Jones in the office of the Library of Congress @ Wash. D.C.

Page of Bonds of Holy Matrimony, etc. pages. Copyright July 1, 1886


This certifies that Mr. John J. Duck of Sterling, Kansas & Miss Belle Ray of Sterling, Kansas were joined together in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at Sterling, Kansas on the 28th Day of November, 1888.

In presence of: Signed:
Mrs. J.W. Lowry A.J. Bixler, pastor of the M.E. Church of Sterling, Kansas
Mrs. E.C. Wickersham
Roy Clifford Duck Born   18 June 1890
Glenn Everett Duck "        23 May 1892
John Ray Duck "        05 April 1897
Edna Belle Duck "        09 Nov. 1899
Cecil Chester Duck "        19 Dec. 1902
Hazel Alice Duck "        12 Nov. 1904
Glenn E. Duck to Nanny Smith Mar. 4, 1912
Roy C. Duck to Stella M. Sheets Sept. 16, 1915
Edna B. Duck to James E. Burns Dec. 24, 1922
John Ray Duck to Genevieve Brown Sept. 17, 1923
Hazel A. Duck to Ralph York Nov. 28, 1923
Cecil C. Duck to Regina Linenbarger [ date... ]
John J. Duck Departed this Life Apr. 12, 1934
Rosa Belle Duck Departed this Life Feb. 11, 1952
Cecil Chester Duck Departed this Life May 11, 1969

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