The Family of John Duck from Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and North Carolina

Compiled by John J. Duck.
Copyright 2004
(Updated 5 Aug 2004)

Legend & Notes:
Black regular font - references in Isle of Wight County, Virginia & Pulaski Co., Kentucky.
Blue bold font - references in North Carolina.
Red bold font - compilers' opinions and guesses.

The family associations in this compilation are all guesswork except where a will specifies the names of wife and children.

    John Duck [a]
  • 1624 — Born? Just guessing that he was 65 when he died.
  • 16?? — Married Elizabeth.
  • 1689 — Died prior to his date. — The only reference we have to this John Duck is the land sale of 1689 by his son. It is entirely possible that these really are Duke's, not Duck's. In the transcripts of the Wills and Administrations, the name is spelled Duke, Dukes, Ducke, and Duckes.
  • 1689 — Prior to this date Elizabeth Duck remarried to a Mercer.
      John Duck [b]
    • 1655 — Born? Just guessing that he was 65 when he died, however his sons were born after 1698.
    • 1677 — John Duke and John House signed grievance letter to County Commissioners.
    • 1681 — Appraised the estate of Abraham Rutt.
    • 1689 — John Duke bought 100-200 acres from William and Elizabeth Boddie. — This must be William Boddie Jr. John Duck [b] and William Duck [b] are linked in time, location, and reference to the Boddie family.
    • 1689 — John Duke sold 50 acres to John Burnett, shoemaker. Previously owned by John Duke, father of John Duke, who bought it from Jeremiah Rutter. Signed by Bridgett Duke [a]. Elizabeth Mercer signed as mother of John Duke.
    • 1694 — John Duke's land referenced in sale of 50 acres by William and Elizabeth Boddie to Nicholas Casey.
    • 1719 — John Dukes made his will. Of the Lower Parish. Son James inherited a plantation where John Dukes previously lived; wife received plantation where he presently lived; son John received 100 acres; son Robert when he reached age of 21 and daughters when they married got the remainder. D. March 16, 1719. R. August 3, 1720. Wit. ? Page 53. Estate appraisal signed by Bridgett Ducke [a].
    • 1720 — Bridgett Ducke [a] witnessed the will of John Frissell.
    • 1720 — Bridgett Duckes [a] signed the estate appraisal of John Duckes.

        James Duck [a]
      • 1699 — Born before this date?

        John Duck [c]
      • 1699 — Born before this date?
      • 1751 — Witnessed will of James Bennett. — I put this entry here because I have no other John Duck appropriate to the time. John Duck [e] was too young. His parents were married 17 years before this date.
      • 1769 — Listed in the census of Dobbs Co, NC.
      • 1780 — John Dukes in census in Dobbs Co, NC.
      • 1781 — John Dukes in census on men of military age in Dobbs Co, NC.
      • 1790 — John Dukes in census, 1 white male 16 and over, 3 white males under 16, 3 white females.

        Robert Duck [a]
      • 1699 — Born after this date?

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