Duck Family Bible (Duck-Pearson Family)
[Copied from the "Duck Family" Bible by Parke Wilkey Pearson - November 8, 1961.
Copied from Parke's papers - November 10, 1961 by Gladys Pearson Pyle.
The bible was given to Cloyd Warren Pearson before his marriage to Allie Newlin Pearson. The bible is currently with the Pearson family. — Thanks to the Pearson-Pyle family for sharing their family material.

[Leather bound, 6" x 9-1/4" containing only Preface Page, the New Testament and Psalms; 15th ed.]

[Inside of front cover:] Property of C. W. Pearson. [Cloyd Warren Pearson]

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:
Translated out of the original Greek,
and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.

New York: American Bible Society instituted in the year 1816.
1845 [Pica 8 tp 428 pages]
[Same for Psalms 112 pages]

[First blank fly page reads as follows: Page No. 1]

James Duck was born March the 5, AD 1796
Elizabeth Duck was born May the 30, AD 1791
Susannah Duck was born March the 11, AD 1806
Louisa Duck was born July the 25, AD 1814
Bluford Duck was born October the 24, AD 1815
Josiah Duck was born April the 12, AD 1817
William Duck was born July the 24, AD 1818
Jane Duck was born December the 8, AD 1819

[Note: All entries on this page are in green ink, and apparently by the same hand and pen. Bluford's date was first July 24 and written over to read October 2 - That is, the second number had been inked out. — P.W.P.]

[Second blank fly page reads: Page 2]

Jesse Duck was born April 11 AD 1821
Sally Duck was born February the 8 AD 1823
John & Samuel Duck was born October the 13 AD 1825
      (Second wife's children)
James B. Duck was born March the 1st AD 1831
Eliza E. Duck was born May the 13 AD 1833
Perlonzo C. Duck was born May the 1st AD 1838
Louisa M. Duck was born May the 22nd AD 1846
George W. Duck was born October 26 1848

[Note: (1) The first 6 entries seem to be same ink, pen, and handwriting as page one. (2) Also Louisa's, although it looks like some one tried to erase the entry (in its entirety). Also there may have been an initial after Louisa, and a 1/2" hole has been rubbed in the paper. (3) The entry for George is in black ink, different handwriting (poor) and there is some fancy letter (W or H?) as an initial. All other entries use the AD. — P.W.P.]

[Reverse of Page 2]

"Susan Charity Duck was born February 26, 1851

[Note: This appears to be in the same handwriting as pages 1 & 2, but in black, lacks AD and gives date after month. — P.W.P.]

[Fly page at back - following last page of Psalms - Page 3]

Eliza Elizabeth Duck
   born May 13, 1833
   died Jan 2, 1913

Louisa Duck
   born May 22, 1846
   died Sept 22, 1910
   widow of Mr. Freeman

Perlonzo C. Duck
   born May 1, 1838
   died May 10, 1892

Susan Charity Duck
   Was born February 26, 1851

Children of James and Susannah Duck

[Note: In handwriting of Perley Pearson black ink. — P.W.P.]

[Last fly leaf in book (loose) Page 4]

James Duck born March 5, 1796
   died July 29, 1886

Susannah Duck born March 11, 1806
   died July 24, 1885

Josiah Duck born April 12, 1817
   died October 20, 1895

William Duck born July 24, 1818
   died February 21, 1891

[Note: In handwriting of Perley Pearson black ink. — P.W.P.]

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